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1 Fujitsu Lifebook 2013 New Multi Gadget Idea

Fujitsu Lifebook 2013 New Multi Gadget Idea in These days, convergence between computers and mobile telephones is blurring boundaries. If you have a smartphone, you can use it to browse web sites, send and receive e-mail, listen to music, take pictures, type documents and review them.

Apart from the fact that it has less storage space than a conventional laptop, a tablet has it all. In this context, it would be interesting to see what lies ahead for the laptop or notebook as we know it.
Fujitsu ran a design competition for ideas for future laptops. Prashant Chandra came up with a concept in which the laptop has slots for devices like cameras, mobile phones and tablets. This eliminates the need to carry multiple devices; everything is integrated into the computer.
What Fujitsu found especially appealing was Prashant’s idea of using each individual device’s own processor instead o relying on the laptop’s processor.
They have christened the concept the Lifebook 2013 and the idea is to make it more a shell. There is a slot into which a digital camera is fixed. Detach the camera and use it to take pictures. Fit it back into the slot and it fits in snugly till you are ready to use it next.
The Lifebook does not have a keyboard of its own. All you need to do is to slide in the tablet that comes with it and use its virtual keyboard and display. The tablet fits into a recess inside the laptop and docks using a 16 pin docking area.
A built-in smartphone serves as the central processor and storage for the Lifebook 2013. The concept of the Lifebook 2013 is certainly revolutionary.
However most people favour different brands for each of their gadgets, not sure if I could go totally Fujitsu.You have a smartphone?  So, you can use it to browse web sites, send and receive e-mail, listen to music, take pictures, type documents and review them.
Apart from the fact that it has less storage space than a conventional laptop, a tablet has it all. In this context, it would be interesting to see what lies ahead for the laptop or notebook as we know it.
Fujitsu ran a design competition for ideas for future laptops. Prashant Chandra came up with a concept in which the laptop has slots for devices like cameras, mobile phones and tablets. This eliminates the need to carry multiple devices; everything is integrated into the computer.
What Fujitsu found especially appealing was Prashant’s idea of using each individual device’s own processor instead o relying on the laptop’s processor.
They have christened the concept the Lifebook 2013 and the idea is to make it more a shell. There is a slot into which a digital camera is fixed. Detach the camera and use it to take pictures. Fit it back into the slot and it fits in snugly till you are ready to use it next.
The Lifebook does not have a keyboard of its own. All you need to do is to slide in the tablet that comes with it and use its virtual keyboard and display. The tablet fits into a recess inside the laptop and docks using a 16 pin docking area.
A built-in smartphone serves as the central processor and storage for the Lifebook 2013. The concept of the Lifebook 2013 is certainly revolutionary.
However most people favour different brands for each of their gadgets, not sure if I could go totally Fujitsu.

0 LG Tone+ Bluetooth stereo headset for clearer conversations

When it comes to Bluetooth headsets, are all of them the same? LG begs to differ, what with their LG Tone+ Bluetooth stereo headset (HBS-730) hoping to change the way things work in the industry. After all, you can more or less say that the LG Tone+ Bluetooth stereo headset does have its fair share of pedigree to call upon, considering how it is the successor to the original, the LG Tone, otherwise known as the HBS-700. One of the main key features in the LG Tone+ would be its support for VoLTE (Voice over LTE) calls, allowing one to carry out conversations in High Definition (HD) sound between VoLTE-capable devices.

1 Motorola S11-FLEX HD wireless stereo headphones

I am quite sure that many of us out there do take our music very seriously, and our respective smartphones have already been turned into a portable media player to boot, playlists, an eclectic mix of songs – the works, basically. Well, one thing about listening to music is, it can be pretty irritating to blast it over your smartphone speakers when you are in a crowd, especially when your choice of music might not be suitable for those around you. This is where a pair of headphones or earbuds come in, and there are so many to choose from in the market. Just where do you start? Well, I am sure that it is easy to break things down to two – wireless or not, and if you chose the former, then you can check out the Motorola S11-FLEX HD wireless stereo headphones.

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0 Zooka – Let’s Get Loud!

1 HP Probook 4545s notebook runs off an AMD processor

Are you extremely particular about the kind of processor that your budget-friendly notebook has underneath the hood? I suppose if you have answered in the negative, then you would be pleased to hear that the HP Probook 4545s notebook will be able to pack in quite a decent performance without breaking the bank, while running on an AMD processor to boot. You know the saying, it does not matter what color the cat is, as long as it is capable of catching mice. Well, the HP Probook 4545s notebook is said to be specially designed for the enterprise market, so you can be sure that a handful of key points such as durability, multimedia capability, performance and a full array of ports are taken into consideration.

0 Windows Phone 8X by HTC

The curiously named Windows Phone 8X by HTC is one of a pair of Windows Phone 8 devices from HTC due to hit the market during November 2012.

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1 Windows Phone 8S by HTC

he smaller and cheaper sibling of the 8X, the Windows Phone 8S by HTC is a midrange Windows 8 smartphone that competes directly against the upcoming Nokia Lumia 820.

0 Adsense Versus Article Marketing

You’ve heard about the Adsense craze and decided that you are going to get your share of Adsense cash cow. You’ve either built a website or purchased one, and now you’re ready to rock! You submit it to every search engine and directory that you can think of, dreaming of thousands of surfers coming in from every engine on the planet. All begging to click your Adsense links and make you rich. Then you sit back and wait. And wait. And wait some more. Checking your stats daily hoping to see the rush of traffic pouring in. But for some reason it just doesn’t come.
The days of the above business plan working are long over. It might have worked in 1996, but today you’re going to have to do a lot more to promote your new website. There are still free traffic sources out there, but they want something in return to link to your new site. Content.
This is where article marketing comes in. The concept is simple. You write an article that’s relevant to your sites topic, inserting a link or two within the article or the articles footer, linking back to your website. Then you submit it to article directories. They in turn publish your article, giving you a RELEVANT link back to your site and possibly sending you some of their traffic.
Many of the article directories out there have a lot of good traffic to share. They also can really help your Google Page Rank when it comes time for Google to rank your site. Google wants to see INBOUND links to your site from other sites with similar content. So the links these article directories can give you are crucial to the weight of your website in the long run.
But the article directories are just the first stop for your article. Almost all of the article directories encourage other webmasters to republish your content on their own sites with similar topics. So one article can really turn into literally thousands of inbound links over the months ahead. This snowball effect is exactly what we are looking for with each article we write.
Article marketing is only as powerful as your commitment to it though. To really build your site’s traffic and page rank you are going to need thousands, if not ten’s of thousands of inbound links. One or two articles is not going to do this for you. It’s going to take a daily time commitment on your part. There are many article marketers out there submitting as many as ten articles a day in an effort to promote their websites. They obviously see the value of article marketing and they don’t intend to do the job halfway.
“But I can’t write an article!” I hear this all the time from my customers. Frankly, it’s an easy copout. What you’re really saying to me is that you don’t WANT to write articles. You don’t have to be an ex journalism major to write a short article to promote your website. Heck, you don’t even need to be a high school graduate. All you need to do is to be able to read and write. If you can’t read and write then you probably don’t need to be the owner of a website.
It’s very simple. Sit down and write about the topic of your website. Hopefully when you built or purchased your website you picked a topic that you’re at least interested in. It doesn’t have to be a topic that you’re familiar with, just something that interests you. If you’re website’s topic is something you know nothing about, do some research! Write an article sharing what you learned with other readers. You can start as simply as “I didn’t know this, and you may not either….”
If you’re suffering from severe writer’s block, try using a tape recorder. Dictate things you would like to say about your site or your site’s topic and then transcribe what you recorded later. You can take the recording and edit it in writing and come up with a good article.
The bottom line is this. If you want to promote your new website without spending thousands of dollars, you must integrate article writing into your promotion plan. Without it, your road to success is going to be a lot more bumpy.
For more information about Adsense versus article marketing visit my website, “Article Marketing Proven Method”, where you can find detailed documentation on how to get free targeted traffic and high page rank to your website using article marketing. Sign up for my newsletter and you will receive a lot of tips and gifts related to article marketing.
Note for the blog commenters: If you have any idea related to this topic, I would be happy to hear it in the comments section, if you want to spend two extra minutes. Of course, I am aware that this is also an opportunity for you to get a back link to your website. But, please, do not abuse. Put a link to your website or blog only if it is related to the topic, (otherwise will be not counted by Google), and don’t put more than one link, or it will be deleted automatically. Anyway, all the comments will be reviewed by admin before publishing, and, although I will accept all the criticisms to myself or to my posts, I will not allow a language other than the G-rated one, so use your opportunity wisely. Thank you for being my readers and for your interest in Adsense versus article marketing!

0 Kobo Arc comes in three storage options

The world of tablets is not really that complicated if you were to break it down in terms of the operating system – there is either Android or iOS, where the BlackBerry PlayBook is negligible, although the release of Microsoft’s Surface tablets later this year might just change the tablet landscape somewhat. It is either an iPad or an Android-powered tablet, where the latter certainly has plenty of options for you to choose from. One of the players would be Kobo, and their latest Kobo Arc 7” tablet certainly looks as though it is shaping up to be an affordable and fun device to carry around.

0 Sony unveils super slim PS3 at Tokyo Game Show

When it comes to the current generation video game consoles, which camp do you support? Microsoft’s Xbox 360, the Nintendo Wii, or the Sony PS3? Well, some of us do not really care just which platform one purchases, as long as the games on it are worth playing, and others have all three without getting bogged down by things like fanboy-ism. Well, for folks who are thinking about picking up a Sony PS3, you might want to hold off your purchase for a little while longer, as at the Tokyo Game Show earlier this morning, Sony announced the availability of the new Sony PS3 which comes in a slimmer form factor, where you can choose from two capacities – namely 250GB and 500GB.

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0 7 Powerful Ways To Make Money From Adsense Using Only Free Tools

There is really no doubting that there are amazing incomes currently being made on Google AdSense and the really interesting thing is that even relatively small sites and blogs are finding new ways to make money from their AdSense sites every day.
Actually there are a lot of increasingly creative ways to make money and maximize on AdSense earnings that are being discovered and also being put to use every day. And what's even more fascinating is the fact that most of these tools being used don't cost anything. They are actually free. Here are 7 of the most effective currently being used.

0 How to Increase Your Adsense Revenue

If you're a webmaster, you've probably heard about Google's Adsense. Perhaps you're even earning from it already. This article will show you a method to increase your AdSense revenue dramatically.
Google's AdSense allows webmasters to place links from Google's AdWords advertisers on their webpages by inserting a special code. When a visitor clicked on a link, the webmaster gets a cut of the profit Google made from the advertiser. The unique feature about AdSense is that the links it generates on your webpage are relevant to your page content. Thus, your keywords and topics become very important determinant for the type of links that will appear on your webpage.

0 Motorola RAZR i

The Motorola RAZR i is an Intel-powered version of the recently announced RAZR M, a relatively compact smartphone that packs in a 4.3" "edge-to-edge" screen which is significantly bigger than the one on the iPhone 5, despite the RAZR i being roughly the same size.

0 LG Optimus G is their latest flagship device

South Korean consumer electronics giant LG has come up with their latest flagship smartphone known as the LG Optimus G, where this particular LTE device is said to deliver superior user experience for “Living Without Boundaries”, whatever that means. This new premium flagship device delivers a totally unique User Experience (UX) that is supported by innovative hardware performance. The kind of hardware located underneath the hood is said to be powerful enough to deliver a creative and engaging UX which will allow Optimus G owners to, in the aforementioned words, “live without boundaries.” Just what kind of performance does it pack? Let us check out right after the jump, shall we not?

0 Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3 announced

The “multimedia photographer” must be a new breed of shutterbugs, as Panasonic has just announced their latest device known as the Lumix DMC-GH3. Not only does it come across as a compact and lightweight device, it is also easy on the eyes,

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1 New Sony Xperia smartphones coming soon in 2012

Sunday, September 16, 2012

0 Google AdSense and Testing

The main reason you're reading this is to change all that, no? But here's the deal: It is going to take some time and patience. Those are two things most people lack nowadays. Most should be doing what my wife is doing - but that's another story.
Ask any marketer worth his or her salt and you'll soon find that testing is the de facto standard of that industry. They track and test everything. Here's just an example:
On a 30 second radio ad they normally test the following criteria:
  • Time of day it airs
  • Adjacent programming
  • Man or woman announcing
  • Serious or comedic delivery
  • Fast or slow delivery
  • Leading paragraph
  • Frequency of ad on the air (times it runs per day)
  • Day of the week
  • Week of the month
  • Month of the year
You get the picture. They are more meticulous than those who do baseball scoring and stats. And can you guess why that may be?Because they want to monetize every second of that airtime to their advantage. To them, it's a business - it ain't a hobby! So, approach to this whole AdSense thing is everything. Is it a hobby; a few ads on a few pages? Or are you dead serious about making this work?
If you're serious, you MUST take notes. You must become aware of what is working and, of course, what isn't.
So, how do you do that?
Google AdSense makes it easier to see what is making you money and what isn't by breaking your ads down by channel and day. You can create any number of customized reports to track the code included on your pages which displays the AdSense ads.
But, it doesn't end there. You must test, just as the radio ad people, for criteria on your webpage. Like:
  • Ad color
  • Ad placement
  • Ad type (size)
  • Ad frequency (one, two or three blocks on a page?)
Testing is impossible when you have no traffic. You need visitors (feedback, clicks), in order to track your numbers each day. Once you have visitors, you can see what works and what doesn't and adjust accordingly. Now, remember; don't go about changing your AdSense around daily. Real testing requires leaving the page as is for a week or more, unless, of course, you have thousands of visitors a day.So, hello Dave, what do I do?
I recommend looking at the successful site that display AdSense ad's. Google has a few examples of successful AdSense campaigns - []. See where they place their ads. See what colors they use. And notice how they blend well with the context.
As your site receives more visitors, you'll be better able to compare your AdSense statistics with your web pages. Don't forget to do that. Treat this like a business. Print out the pages with ad's and your AdSense stats for each week and you will have an idea what is happening. And, guess what? A pattern will appear.
Take your time with this and do it right. It will pay BIG dividends if you put time into it.

0 Google AdSense Tip

If you're new to using Google AdSense to earn money with your website or blog, you may be wondering how to get more clicks, or get more money for each click. Thankfully, there are some excellent Google AdSense tips that can help you out, so let's look at some of the best:
Google AdSense Tip #1: Place your ad blocks above the fold. The "fold" of a webpage, is the spot where you have to start using your scroll bar to move down the page and continue reading. By placing your AdSense blocks above this part of the page, you're more likely to get clicks on those ads. This is because many website visitors never bother to scroll down, and brand new website users don't even know they can scroll down to see more content.
Google AdSense Tip #2: Weave your ads into the content. Most website owners put their AdSense ads off to the side, on the top or on the bottom. If people are reading an article or tutorial on your site though, you'll get more attention to your ads if the ad blocks are within that content instead of surrounding it.
Put an ad at the top left of the start of an article is an excellent position for instance, as is starting the article normally, then placing your Google AdSense block at the start of the second paragraph. Try to make sure the ads are to the left or right of the text too, so that the text actually flows around it instead of being above or below the ad block.
Google AdSense Tip #3: Use the large or medium sized square or rectangle ad blocks. The 250x250, the 300x250, and the 336x280 blocks all have the highest click through ratios, particularly when used in the positions noted above.
Google AdSense Tip #4: Blend your ads. If you're using a white background on your website pages, also use a white background on your Google AdSense blocks. Don't use a border around the ads, and make the ad titles and links blue. Most website users - particularly ones who are new to using the Internet - expect clickable links to be blue. So by making your Google AdSense ads also use blue for the titles and links, you'll increase the chances of getting clicks.
If however, your website is designed with a colored background - let's say green for example - then you'll want your Google AdSense blocks to have that same background color. And if your website uses orange links within the pages, then make your AdSense links orange as well.
The whole point of blending the ads in, is to make them look as if they're a natural part of the content.
Google AdSense Tip #5: Write one topic per page. When you focus the content on each page of your website, and really make it a narrow topic focus, you increase the chances of getting highly relevant, high paying keywords which match the content of that page.
Writing a page about dog training for instance, is fine of course but a bit too generic. Writing a page about potty training your puppy is a bit better, but writing a page specifically about potty training your golden retriever puppy is much better. Keep the topic as focused and on

Article Source:

0 Which AdSense Format Works Best?

Our daughter's grade school is right across the street, so it's easy to hop on the bike and with her on the seat tube we have a nice ride to the playground.
When we get close to the school, signs abound telling everyone to slow to 20 mph from 7:30 AM - 8:30 AM. There is the typical school zone sign, and the white lettering on the pavement.
In fact, at the corner there is even a senior citizen crossing guard!
Ever notice how everything ties together? Each weekday morning millions of kids go to school with hardly an incident? How can that be?
Optimization. Based on years of what works and what doesn't, local governments know what signs to place where, what color, size, style of lettering, color of lettering, reflectivity, height, distance from the school, distance to the school, and many other factors that have made school zones safe.
Likewise, there is a pool of experience that can greatly improve the monetization of your pages with Google AdSense ads. If you were starting a new school zone in your city, and you were appointed to create the "safest zone", would you start experimenting around? Wouldn't it make sense to do as much research as possible into what has been successful?
That's exactly what I've done with AdSense.
Lately I've been writing about different tips on how to get more visitors to your site because that is a vital part of the monetizing equation with Google AdSense. It only makes sense that in order to realize any revenue at all with a campaign, you must have someone visiting your pages and viewing the "ads".
But once those visitors start showing up at your site, either through promotion on your own, or by using Google's AdWords to point them here, cashing in on the experience of AdSense pioneers will insure that you're converting those visitors into clicks on AdSense ads displayed on your site.
When I first learned about AdSense, I thought I was dreaming. Here was a company (Google), willing to pay me for the traffic I was already enjoying to my sites. As I related in an earlier post, my friend, Matt Wright, explained to me that he was making well into four figures a month on his sites.
If you're like most of us, you not only want to enjoy the profit, you want to know the best recipe possible to have the best results possible. (Squeeze that turnip, baby!)
I remember when I started drinking coffee. Wow, good stuff! As the years went by, and the event of being able to get better coffee, I learned that the way I was creating my "cup" was really crappy. It was "good", but someone showed me "better". Much better! Soon, I purchased a burr grinder and bought high quality beans.
I experimented with different roasts and found ones I enjoyed much more than others. I found that water played a great part in making that perfect cup. Bottom line, it took some experimentation and following successful recipes of coffee "pioneers" to get me to a connoisseur of coffee.
Let's look at what has worked best with AdSense. Consider this a recipe you should try.
  1. Displaying images directly above the "leaderboard" style ads. What happens is the pictures draw the eye to the ads and they become even more appealing. You must be careful that you are not drawing unnecessary attention to the ads. In other words, keep the images generic. Anything that may construe the images as being from the AdSense ads is against the Google AdSense Terms of Service agreement.
  2. We've talked about experimenting with colors. Pioneers tell us the very best click thrus are realized when the ad itself blends with the format and colors of your web page.
  3. Make sure you have ads on every page of your site. In this case, more IS better. Again, stick with the program rules. Currently you are allowed three ad groups and one text link group per page.
  4. Get fat! According to Google, a wider is better because it holds more content and make it easier to read without dropping down line after line. The most effective sizes for click-thrus are 326x280, 300x250 (inline rectangle), 160x600 (wide skyscraper).
  5. Guru's say to place your ads in the top section of the page and to the left. Why? Better for maximum eye attention. Visualize the monitor as a piece of paper and cut it in half horizontally. Secret: top left!
  6. Did you know you can earn AdSense money with a Google "search box" on your site? For more on this, see: Google AdSense Tour [] Users can search just Google or your entire website. If they click on the ads displayed on the search page, you earn money.
  7. Use "link" type ads. These are smaller text ads ranging in six sizes from 120x90 pix to 728x15 pixels. You can add one link unit to the already allowed three ad units per page, giving you a maximum of four ad units on a page. Again, it gives you another opportunity for revenue. Google Link Units
  8. Track, track, track! Use channels to track different ad formats and color schemes you've created to find out which ad units are working best. Then, take that information to tweak and refine your site. For more, see: What are Channels?
  9. Tweak even more by adding special tags to your pages. This assists Google in knowing where the "real content" is on your pages which results in more targeted ads and hopefully higher click-through rates for you. It's called: Section Targeting.
  10. Never forget that content is king! Think of content as your resume to the world. It doesn't have to be about you, but it should reflect something of value to the end user.
Alas, another ten tips to help you make more. Let me know about what has been working for you, or ask what might be wrong with your placement.
Founder of one of the first web hosting companies on the Internet, World Wide Mart, Dave Jackson has been teaching others how to monetize their web sites for over ten years. Currently he teaches others to create a solid residual income by creating quality web sites of great benefit to visitors and monetizing them using contextual ads. His blog is Making Money with Contextual Ads.

0 Adsense: How to Make Money With Ads by Google

The chances are that you've seen "Ads by Google" on a variety of websites and perhaps wondered what they were all about. The fact is that you can probably get "Ads by Google" on your own site and if you do, you can look forward to getting paid by Google.
The system is called Google AdSense and it does two things really neatly.
First of all it allows virtually any website owner to make some money without having to do too much - all you do is paste some code that Google gives you into your web pages. This code creates the ads that you see and when someone clicks on one of these ads they go to the advertiser's site. The advertiser is then charged for the click by Google and Google shares the money with you. You don't have to worry about billing a load of different companies or anything else: this is all done for you as part of the AdSense service.
That much is fairly straightforward and good news.
But the really clever thing about AdSense is that the ads you see on your site are relevant to your content - automatically. So if you have a web page about mobile phones you'll see ads about mobile phones on it. If you have a web page about holidays in Tasmania, you'll see ads for holidays in Tasmania on it. Google's technology scans your web page and decides what it is about and then searches its database of well over 175,000 advertisers to find the ads that are most suitable for your page.
By making the ads relevant to your site, Google does you two favors: the ads can enhance the overall experience a visitor to your site gets which means they are likely to return, and because the ads are relevant to your visitor, they are likely to get clicked on.
And when they get clicked on, you make money.
To make most money with Google AdSense you need to develop web pages that are about high value topics. In other words, build content on your site that is likely to attract ads that pay highly when clicked because not all ads are worth the same.
In fact some ads pay many dollars a click whereas others only pay a few cents.
The art of maximizing your AdSense income is to understand how to attract high paying ads onto your pages and then drive a lot of traffic to those pages. Once you've done that you can look forward to getting paid by Google on a regular basis which makes Google AdSense one of the most attractive affiliate programs on the internet today.

0 Understanding Google AdSense

Google AdSense allows webmasters to dynamically serve content relevant advertisements on web pages. If the visitor clicks one of the AdSense ads served to the website, the website owner is credited for the referral. Google's AdSense program essentially allows approved websites to dynamically serve Google's pay-per-click AdWord results.
Website maintenance related to AdSense is very easy and requires very little effort. Webmasters need only to insert a Google generated java script into the web page or website template.
Google's spider parses the AdServing website and serves ads that relate to the website's content. Google uses a combination of keyword matching and context analysis to determine what ads should be served. The java script calls the ad from Google and will ensure that ads are served each time a visitor goes to the web page.
Early on Google implemented a filtering system that allowed webmasters to prevent a specific domain's ads from being served on any websites in their account. Ad blocking meant that webmasters could prevent their competitor's ads from being dynamically served on their websites.
Google provides a wide variety of ad formats to match the most suitable option with a website. Webmasters can select from a handful of preformatted towers, inline rectangles, banners and buttons. The ad boxes can be modified by webmasters to resemble the website's color scheme. Examples of how different the various text boxes and color schemes appear on similarly themed sites can be viewed at: (scroll to the bottom) (scroll to the bottom)
or (download left side) (scroll to the bottom)
Ads can be geo-targeted based on the visitor's location. Advertisements containing content in English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese, or Spanish are all available.
Google recently introduced channels, enhancing AdSense reporting.
When a channel is selected Google modifies the java script to include additional tracking. The additional tracking information allows webmasters to track a variety of metrics across their sites. Channels can be used to measure performance on various domains, differences in revenue with various ad sizes, or placement. By assigning each group of pages to a specific channel and comparing results in custom channel reports webmasters can work at increasing their AdSense revenue.
Google determines the content of the ads that are shown, webmasters serious about earning revenue from Google AdSense can use the following guidelines to optimize their

website and ensure that targeted and relevant ads are served. If Google's spider has not crawled the site and determined the nature of the content, public service ads may be served. Public service ads will not accrue any AdSense revenue if clicked. As a result Google allows webmasters to designate alternate ads. Alternate ads allow webmasters to utilize the ad space in the event that Google is unable to serve targeted ads to the web page. By specifying an alternate image, HTML page, or ad server the advertising space can always being used effectively.1.) Web page content on pages that ads are served should be static not dynamic.
2.) Ensure that the robot.txt does not prevent the web page from being spidered. Robots.txt file's will need to be removed or the following text will need to bedded to allow Google's content bot to crawl the site: User-agent: Media partners - Google
3.) If the website contains frames, select the 'framed page' checkbox when generating the ad layout code for that website.
4.) The body of the page and title of the page should contain contextual words that indicate a common theme on the web page.
Revenue Earned
Although Google doesn't disclose the exact revenue share or percentage that webmasters will earn, webmasters will receive a portion of the amount paid for clicks on Google ads on websites.
AdSense Conclusion:
Overall, Google AdWords can provide great supplemental income to webmasters with content sites. Implementing and maintaining Google AdSense program on a content site requires very little effort and can often bring a steady stream of additional revenue for webmasters.

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0 Sony NEX-VG900 Handycam camcorder

0 Apple announces iPod nano

0 iPod touch enters the fifth generation

0 Sprint to offer the Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G smartphone

Thursday, September 13, 2012

1 Apple iPhone 5

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

0 Motorola RAZR M (DROID RAZR M)

0 The New iPhone 5 Cable

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0 Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – A Bold New Future

0 The Bionic Cockroach

We bring this to you from the “it sounds weird, but sure the applications would be numerous” bag. Researchers at North Carolina State University figured out how to remotely control an actual cockroach. No the objective was not related to extermination of bugs – but rather creating a wireless biological interface. The mechanics consisted of a basic microcontroller, transmitter and receiver. By attaching the device to the pest’s antennae, a sensory organ for them to help evade predators, the team was able to send commands to trigger their need to move and avoid trouble. The video below shows researchers controlling the path of a Madagascar hissing cockroach using the device.
 What the heck does steering a cockroach do for the good of society? Well, cockroaches are pretty tough. Applications thought to potentially exist include deploying the little guys to collect information from disastrous or hazardous environments like nuclear facilities or war zones. So who knows, maybe cockroaches will one day help us rather than hinder us. Source:.coolest-gadgets

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0 Amazon Kindle Fire 2012 Lineup

Friday, September 7, 2012

0 Intel to unveil next generation chips next week

0 Nokia Lumia 820

Thursday, September 6, 2012

0 Motorola RAZR HD announced

You can be sure that the device known as a standalone portable media player is slowly but surely going to get extinct, and the iPod touch from Apple can remain king of the hill for all I care, the market is shrinking. One very obvious reason? Smartphones are encroaching on this field, where better and superior technology does make your smartphone a more-than-decent portable media player, without having you for out more money for a separate device if you want to be entertained. Not only that, advancements in battery life technology also play their part, and yesterday, Motorola announced the new Motorola RAZR HD, which is deemed to be a multimedia powerhouse.

0 Nokia Lumia 920 fits Windows Phone 8 like a glove

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

0 LG Optimus L9 expands the L Series family

0 MorphCase turns iPod touch into a smartphone

0 Cassette To iPod Converter

0 ZTE Grand X IN

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

0 DOCS2GO Scanner for iPad

0 Samsung Series 5 and Series 7 Slate PCs announced

0 BMW and Thermaltake come up with Level 10 M Gaming Mouse

0 Next generation Razer Blade offers cutting edge performance

0 AMD announces ATI Radeon HD 5870 Eyefinity 6 Edition graphics card

0 Sony Xperia J (coming soon)

Monday, September 3, 2012

1 HTC Desire X (Expected September 2012)

1 Samsung Galaxy Camera(Coming soon)

2 Jagged Alliance: Crossfire [PC]

Game Release Date
24 August 2012 Worldwide
24 August 2012 Europe
24 August 2012 USA

0 Samsung Announces World’s First Windows Phone 8 Smartphone, the ATIV S

0 Transformers: Fall of Cybertron [PC]

Game Release Date
21 August 2012 Worldwide
23 August 2012 Europe
21 August 2012 USA
game mode single / multiplayer
multiplayer: Internet

Sunday, September 2, 2012

0 Windows 8 spurs new touchscreen hybrid PC designs

0 Samsung unveils Android and Windows devices at IFA

Saturday, September 1, 2012

0 Sensation XL By HTC Launched in India

HTC has finally announced launch of the new Sensation XL smartphone in India. The company has announced the smartphone for Rs. 38,800 in India, which does seem insanely high.
It seems like a rival of iPhone 4S which is available in market, In comparison, the iPhone 3GS retails for more and the technologically inferior iPhone 4 still costs £429.

0 Get UnBanned From AdWords|AdSense Banned|Article Marketing Reviews - Life After Google|Google AdWord

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0 FIFA 13: Predicting the Unpredictable

0 Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean: Hands On [4G LTE]

0 Samsung Ready to Sue Apple If iPhone 5 Has LTE

1 Make Money With Google AdSense 1

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0 Sony Xperia Tablet S

2 Microsoft Wedge mouse and keyboard review: When is portability not portable?

With Microsoft’s Surface tablet (and a flood of third party Windows 8 devices) just around the corner, it’s time to accessorise. With that in mind, Microsoft has just unleashed two official peripherals to help people maximise their time on the new platform – the Wedge keyboard and mouse. Question is: are they any good?

2 iPhone 5 release primed for October: 4G chipset shortage forcing Apple’s hand?

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