Sunday, September 16, 2012

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If you're new to using Google AdSense to earn money with your website or blog, you may be wondering how to get more clicks, or get more money for each click. Thankfully, there are some excellent Google AdSense tips that can help you out, so let's look at some of the best:
Google AdSense Tip #1: Place your ad blocks above the fold. The "fold" of a webpage, is the spot where you have to start using your scroll bar to move down the page and continue reading. By placing your AdSense blocks above this part of the page, you're more likely to get clicks on those ads. This is because many website visitors never bother to scroll down, and brand new website users don't even know they can scroll down to see more content.
Google AdSense Tip #2: Weave your ads into the content. Most website owners put their AdSense ads off to the side, on the top or on the bottom. If people are reading an article or tutorial on your site though, you'll get more attention to your ads if the ad blocks are within that content instead of surrounding it.
Put an ad at the top left of the start of an article is an excellent position for instance, as is starting the article normally, then placing your Google AdSense block at the start of the second paragraph. Try to make sure the ads are to the left or right of the text too, so that the text actually flows around it instead of being above or below the ad block.
Google AdSense Tip #3: Use the large or medium sized square or rectangle ad blocks. The 250x250, the 300x250, and the 336x280 blocks all have the highest click through ratios, particularly when used in the positions noted above.
Google AdSense Tip #4: Blend your ads. If you're using a white background on your website pages, also use a white background on your Google AdSense blocks. Don't use a border around the ads, and make the ad titles and links blue. Most website users - particularly ones who are new to using the Internet - expect clickable links to be blue. So by making your Google AdSense ads also use blue for the titles and links, you'll increase the chances of getting clicks.
If however, your website is designed with a colored background - let's say green for example - then you'll want your Google AdSense blocks to have that same background color. And if your website uses orange links within the pages, then make your AdSense links orange as well.
The whole point of blending the ads in, is to make them look as if they're a natural part of the content.
Google AdSense Tip #5: Write one topic per page. When you focus the content on each page of your website, and really make it a narrow topic focus, you increase the chances of getting highly relevant, high paying keywords which match the content of that page.
Writing a page about dog training for instance, is fine of course but a bit too generic. Writing a page about potty training your puppy is a bit better, but writing a page specifically about potty training your golden retriever puppy is much better. Keep the topic as focused and on

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