Monday, September 3, 2012

2 Jagged Alliance: Crossfire [PC]

Game Release Date
24 August 2012 Worldwide
24 August 2012 Europe
24 August 2012 USA

game mode single player
System requirements Quad Core i5 3 GHz, 1 GB RAM (4 GB RAM - Vista/7), graphic card 512 MB (GeForce 9800 GTX or better), 3 GB HDD, Windows XP/Vista/7

Jagged Alliance: Crossfire is a standalone add-on which offers a large map made up of ten sectors. Also in the add-on, you will find that the M.E.R.C. mercenaries are once again in on the action. In this round, the players are transported to Khanpaa, a peaceful country suffering under the brutal attacks of mercenary troops. To deliver his country from these bloody massacres, Ambassador Behnam Atiqullahs has no other choice but to hire his own mercenary troop to get to the bottom of these inexplicable and bloodthirsty attacks and to put an end to Khanpaa’s agony.
Unique mix of tactics, RTS, RPG and economic simulation
“Plan & Go” once more combines RTS and turn-based strategy
Optional line of sight mode included
The first new comprehensive story in the Jagged Alliance universe for years
Fictitious asian country Khanpaa as a new location
New enemies, new weapons, new threats!
Ten new M.E.R.C. mercenaries, bringing the roster up to 50 mercs
20 new achievements

Source: games.gamepressure


Naveen Bansal said...

Very nice post and the game seemed to be great. Will look it further on youtube. Thanks!

Fine Tech said...

you are welcome

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